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Coyotes in Windermere

February 6, 2013

coyote concernApparently we have coyotes. Bobcats and bears or any of the reptilian-kind are expected in Central Florida. Wile. E. in our midst – had no idea.

According to WESH, “some residents claim their pets are being threatened, and in some cases, disappearing.”

Resident Lynne Hickman said she makes sure to watch her dog when she lets it out. She claims that two of her cats were killed by coyotes.

“Cats are their meal and they are getting a lot of them here and they are getting some dogs, too,” Hickman said.

The residents called a meeting and heard from wildlife experts concerning any solutions to the coyote quandary.

Check out the clip below, especially the alternative techniques taught by the experts. They include shaking coin filled coke cans and boat horns. Good thing coyotes don’t actually use anvils and rockets.

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  • JS

    I hear them howling and yapping nearly every night. Saw one strolling through our alleyway last year but as soon as he saw me he went back the way he came. Ironically, this was around the time that Jeff Ashton scoffed at a professional witness for stating that there could be coyotes.