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Video: Busch Gardens Tampa Falcon’s Fury and Pantopia construction tour

February 8, 2014
Busch Gardens Tampa Falcon's Fury and Pantopia construction tour video

Take a virtual Falcon’s Fury and Pantopia construction tour at Busch Gardens Tampa

A first-of-its-kind attraction is circling above Busch Gardens Tampa, so I stopped by last week for a sneak peek at the intimidating predator diving down into the park’s former Timbuktu area. On Wednesday, February 5, Busch Gardens invited journalists to don hard hats for a Falcon’s Fury and Pantopia construction tour, showing of the site of America’s tallest drop tower and the colorfully reimagined town surrounding it.

Falcon’s Fury, which was “topped out” its full 335-foot height shortly before my visit, will send 32 riders at a time plummeting face-down towards the earth, experiencing 5 to 6 seconds of freefall on the way down.

I got to test the ride’s seat and was surprised how much freedom of movement the over-the-shoulder restraints provide, finding them less restrictive in the chest and shoulder than Manta’s similar restraints.

Unfortunately, the ride will have a maximum hourly capacity of only 800 guests, so be prepared for long lines for your fall when the attraction opens this spring.

While you are waiting for the big plunge, your more fearful family members can enjoy the surrounding Pantopia area, which will have vibrant new “world’s crossroads” theming elements and new eateries including a dragon-inspired grill, a preztel bakery, and a craft beer bar. The former 4-D theatre is also being transformed to house a new “Opening Night Critters” trained animal show.

Enjoy the following three videos from my Falcon’s Fury and Pantopia construction tour, which feature Busch Gardens Tampa’s VP of design and engineering Mark Rose, SeaWorld Parks’ director of theming Brian Morrow, and Busch Gardens Tampa’s director of design and engineering Jeff Hornick.



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