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New Spearbox hits Ivanhoe Village

July 8, 2014

The second utility box to be painted in Ivanhoe Village, on the busy corner of Orange and Virginia, is getting all gussied up this week by local artist Andrew Spear. The subjects of the painting, two pretty vintage lassies coyly looking over their shoulders at the viewer, were inspired by the local history of Ivanhoe Village.

Rather than having a series of unrelated artworks dotting the neighborhood, the Ivanhoe Village Main Street District hired Spear to do transform a series of electric boxes with murals reflecting the neighborhood’s history – for instance, the first box Spear painted in honor of local theater legend Paul Wegman.

Photo: Photo by Adam McCabe, License: N/A

This recent addition is painted in honor of the area’s first waterpark, Joyland, which was located on Lake Ivanhoe in the early 1900s. The park was located on the peninsula that runs along I-4, which is currently claimed by wilderness, raccoons and bush babies.

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