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Marion County official interrupts school board meeting with conspiracy rant

February 13, 2014
Angie Boynton seen during the top of her Tuesday night missive.

Angie Boynton during her Tuesday night missive.

From the “Could You Repeat That, Please?” Dept.:

“I got your message and I do believe that God is greater than any concern you sent to me,” Marion County School Board Vice Chair Angie Boynton said Tuesday during a televised school board meeting, addressing an unknown party who apparently demanded Boynton speak on certain issues during the telecast. Said issues had less to do with the cost of pencils, though, and more to do with kidnapping, religion and 9/11 code-breaking.

“You don’t have my daughter hostage, she is safe,” Boynton continued, looking directly into the camera. “I am an American, and I’m from Ocala, Florida, which is a country town, so there’s a lot of country in me and I will never change…I don’t want to offend anyone with my response…but no, I cannot bow down to Islam, in the sense that I was raised to love and respect God – the God that I know. I will say to you, you understand that I did meet with Ahmed. Like Ahmed understood, I will walk away from anything confrontational.”

Boynton’s fellow board members listened with confusion as the one time Republican of the Year admonished her alleged harasser and explained that this all concerned Boynton’s breaking of a code related to the 9/11 attacks (an act she downplayed as something “even an autistic person” could do) that she then forwarded to the Bush brothers, George W. and Jeb. Boynton ended her rambling by noting that she is “not able to talk to anyone” about the code-break, despite the fact she was talking about it at that very moment to a general assembly and a television audience.

“The police are not able to come near me, and they should continue their stance with that. I do have help, and I am OK. But there was someone who wanted to hear something on TV.”

You can watch Boynton make her statements in full at the 49-minute mark of this video. After the meeting Boynton told reporters she doesn’t have mental health issues but can’t go into further detail about her rant because, as she puts it, “There was movement around my house, okay?”

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