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Looks like Florida may be next to announce court challenge to gay marriage ban! Maybe? (Update! Yes!)

January 20, 2014
via NBC Miami

via NBC Miami

We may be going out a limb here, but given the recent pro-gay-marriage legal decisions handed out in Oklahoma and Utah – and with other states like Pennsylvania threatening to tip the scales to the point that a MAJORITY of the U.S. population will live in states where equal marriage is legal – we get the sense that a press conference announced this morning for tomorrow morning in Miami by Equality Florida and the National Center for Lesbian Rights could be more than another chant in favor of domestic partnership benefits. How’s that? Well, it’s headlined as “an announcement about marriage equality in Florida,” so there’s the tip. Also, a friend of ours at Equality Florida threw us an emoticon when we queried. OMG, YOU GUYS! We’ll update you after the event tomorrow. ACTUALLY, IT IS TOMORROW AND THE UPDATE IS HERE! Here’s the press release:








Equality Florida, CEO Nadine Smith

National Center for Lesbian Rights, Legal Director Shannon Minter



Historic announcement about marriage equality in Florida


WHEN:         Tuesday, January 21 @ 11 AM



Miami Beach




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  • Warrior of Christ

    Marriage is a union between one man and one women as husband and wife. The motto of the United States of America, and our great state of Florida is “In God we trust”. I pray to God to give us the strength needed to protect the definition of marriage in this state.


    Marriage is the Union of LOVE!! Who do you care whom someone loves!! It doesn’t make it any less real just because it not between a man and a woman. In god we trust is right, God is about Love, and the definition of marriage IS LOVE!! not hate, not waR!!

  • Stephen

    You better pray harder, lol. You know god hates the dictionary being messed with. He must have been mad all the other times marriage has been changed to make it more fair and equal over the centuries.

  • groovygroovy

    I predict if Florida does this they will see the worst hurricane ever unleashed on the state.

  • Dean C

    Well it is obvious you have no intelligent knowledge of a “biblical marriage” at all. In point of fact the Bible has many 1 man and several women, to say nothing of the least of all the mistresses. So tell me again about what God wants?

    Additionally, if you had paid attention in 5th grade history you would know that this country is not a Christian country and was not founded on those principles at all. Most of the founding fathers were Deist’s and if you would take even five minutes to read anything on their religious views, I’m quite sure you’d blow a gasket. But I see ignorance is bliss in your case.

    Love the moniker btw, yes because Christ was such a violent warrior who believed in treating others with disdain and oppression. Might want to rethink that, just a suggestion.

  • Dean C

    LOL, this is the state the elected Rick Scott…..

  • Truth Hurts

    I wonder how many times you have been married, and divorced? All the “just say no” folks are fast to point fingers at gay people just wanting the right to be marries need to clean their own closets before telling me to clean mine. If we went by exactly what the bible says….most of us would have been stoned to death.

  • Kenny Hill

    Just thought you might want to read this!!

    The original Constitution of the United States that was ratified in 1789 had only one reference to religion: [Article 6] No religious test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.

    The defacto motto of the United States, adopted as part of the great seal of the US by an act of Congress in 1782, was E. Pluribus Unum ( Out of Many, One ). Congress changed it 174 years later!!! to “In GOD we trust” Our currency never had that on it either until 1957!!!

  • trojoe

    Your antiquated and absurd mythological beliefs hold no power over anyone in a US court of law. Perhaps you should read over the constitution a little more and your book of parables a bit less.

    If you’re looking for a government based upon your specific brand of magic and fantasy to live under, I hear Uganda is a real up and coming place.

  • davids12

    Mmm. If that doesn’t happen, does that mean God loves the gays? And why is it that God only punishes places with things that might have happened anyway? Like, if he wants to show he’s angry, why not punish Florida with an earthquake, instead of sending yet another of the hundreds of hurricanes he’s already sending at them?

  • davids12

    “Our currency never had that on it either until 1957!!!”

    That is false – we first put it on our currency during the Civil War. “In God We Trust” comes from a line in a later verse in The Star-Spangled Banner specifically referring to it as a motto, so it dates back to 1812.

  • Phil Ryan

    Maybe god should give you the strength to mind your own business. And considering that over half of all marriages end in divorce and considering a lot of you bible thumpers get married over and over again, you are hardly in a position to be all Christ-y and sanctimonious over essentially a contract between two people. It is not a religious ceremony but a CIVIL one, so it shouldn’t be subject to moralizing busybodies like yourself.

  • Phil Ryan

    marriage is so sacred they do it over and over and over and over again…. the number of these types who have been married three or four or more times shows the hypocrisy of them.

  • Mutaz Hamed Hussien

    You infidels are a disgrace to humanity. You call us Iraqis savages, and
    yet you let your country’s moral fiber get destroyed by sick perverted homosexuals. Even though we have problems with terrorists in Iraq, and a lot our physical infrastructure has been destroyed (thanks to you Americans) we would never let our moral infrastructure be destroyed like what is going on in your country. Allah created
    men and women so they can come together and create a loving family!

  • NancyRebecca Jordan

    God I love you!!! Well said man.

  • NancyRebecca Jordan

    Alright Reverend Phelps, stay off this page.

  • NancyRebecca Jordan

    yeah, you’ll just keep making your women subservient and punishing anyone who doesn’t believe what YOU believe. And killing homosexuals, and living in the dark ages. But you are a man, so you don’t feel what it’s like to be treated less than a human. You are savages. You are ignorant. You are keeping your people in the dark ages.

  • tdizzle

    Funny. When I was deployed I saw a lot of man on man action over there. Hmmm. I guess it’s only immoral if you make it official.

  • Judy Dehaven

    Normal americans do not promote perversion.

  • shea

    Because you perverts do not know the meaning of intimate love. If the “love” ( read lust ) between a man & a man was THE SAME as the love between a man and a woman, one of them would BE a woman, unless you have some twisted redefined definition of “the same”.

  • shea

    “If we went by exactly what the bible says….most of us would have been stoned to death”

    Don’t tempt us, it may come to that yet.

  • shea

    “I wonder how many times you have been married, and divorced?”

    Strawman argument. This has nothing to do with the argument that marriage should only be between a man and a woman. Try again….you pervs are always trying to deflect the argument off onto something else, an indication of your weak position.

  • Darbbrad

    Fourteeth Admentment to the Constitution:

    Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

    End of subject.