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League of the South erects ‘Secede’ billboard in Tallahassee

February 20, 2014

Earlier this week, the League of the South erected a billboard in Tallahassee, right on Apalachee Parkway, just as your Republican legislature was winding its collective ass back to its collective leather chair of Tenther decision for the 2014 legislative session. And then the League (cough, Klan, cough) posted a video explaining their newest project-with-beards. With a dramatic and theatrical soundtrack that sounds kinda like the Duck Dynasty theme ramped up on Last of the Mohicans, Michael Tubbs, the apparent spokesperson, explains the purpose of their latest billboard project, which is “promoting the independence of the state of Florida.” Yup, this organization wants Florida to secede. BRING ON THE EARTHQUAKE, MAN. Dude, 1,000 people move to the state of Florida every day. We’d have to erect a pretty huge wall to keep them all out.

The below video is brought to you by the Southern Nationalists.  They are better than the Nazi Nationalists … they hate more than Jews!

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  • The Shadow

    This article is a joke. Horrible excuse for journalism.

  • michaelCfromSC

    lol… ‘They are better than the Nazi Nationalists … they hate more than Jews!’
    Is this was passes for journalism these days? Pathetic.

  • sorleyboy

    Nothing like making liberals slobber and drool incoherently like the anti-White, anti-Southern goons that they are.

  • Mike

    Secession? Wow! Sounds like a great idea! We could finally get some control over illegal immigration, wouldn’t have to send our children to die in one useless war after another, and wouldn’t have our stance on gun control, Abortion, the death penalty, gay marriage and countless other positions overthrown by socialist Progressives from Blue States. Where do I contribute?

  • Son of Thunder

    Wait, why would you need people to stop moving to Florida? Are you saying that people can’t move to other countries? Apparently you haven’t been paying attention, more Americans than ever are expatriating now.

  • Cliff Johnson

    Amazing how ignorant these so called “Journalists” are. SMH. Jacki Mick you are an uneducated buffoon.

  • cleburne61

    Name-calling? Guilt by non association?

    Orlando weekly, instead of petty attacks via some awful stereotypes of Southerners, how about you examine the idea of political separation as a politically viable solution?(that the Catalans, the Basques, the Scots etc all currently happen to be trying by the way)

    This is anti-Southern, anti-white nonsense. The only hate speech used by anyone, is by you in your article.

  • Sawnee

    Florida deserves to be free and Independent and I am thankful an organization is willing to lead.

  • Tap

    Considering all the Fed has done to our state, doesn’t sound like a bad idea!
    A 1000 people move to Floridia a day? I wonder how many of the are illegal and are criminals…. I guess controlling the cartel, and gangs is a real “earthquake” idea.
    This article is a joke.

  • Tyler Davis

    I get it , this is like some lame Onion type hit piece ,but lacking the humor .

  • Scott Horn

    These comments here are absolutely perfect. Calling for a withdrawal from the federal government and its infrastructure because…well, we really don’t know? Completely logical and above reproach. Questioning the rationality of that argument? OH NOW YOU DONE CROSSED THE LINE.

  • Nellie Athome

    A blog is an opinion piece, not journalism

  • Inline_Sixx

    It is of my opinion that the sun revolves around the earth. See, how stupid we both sound now?

  • Tyler Davis

    What argument Scott ? Jacki wrote a tacky b.s.story ,…she deserves tacky b.s.responses . She didn’t cross any line .

  • Scott Boggs

    You know, maybe a lot of groups would be placated if some sort of Bellamian Socialist Party were to be formed: Bellamy’s 1889 utopian novel held forth the idea that the crappy careers and all the graveyard shift jobs would have higher salaries than any cushy desk jobs. Combat soldiers, first responders, home health aides and child care workers, custodians, ditch diggers, common laborers, fast food workers, dock workers, oilfield roughnecks, for instance, would be the $75,000/year folks. Bank managers would get, say, $25,000/year (just sayin’). But bank managers would be assured of safe and clean conditions and the traditional career prestige. A utility lineman would perhaps be paid twice as much as a bank branch manager. Makes sense to me, and the O.S.H.A. and N.I.H. job safety data is all there; Bellamy had no reliable job safety data to utilize…candidates in such a party might be able to gain traction in elections by just planning on switching the pay scale upside down for government jobs first and not worrying about the private sector: The private job market would correct itself when all the best and brightest blue collar workers do a dog pile on top of al the forest ranger, postal delivery, food inspection, federal clerical daytime and custodial nighttime, and other low-to-mid-range jobs in or near thousands of U.S. Government agency sites. Give it a hundred years, no problem. Like Edward
    Bellamy’s storyline, it’ll be a lot different for a time traveler to witness.

  • HungLikeFlorida

    Never! America must keep its pe.nis!

  • Jennifer German

    If Florida were to secede, it would be to leave idiots like you and the members of the Tea Party, Koch Brothers and the League of the South behind. As the member of a family that has held land and worked in this state since before Territory I applaud Jacki for putting some light (and ridicule) on idiots like this who make us all look bad.

  • Jennifer German

    Where are you from, Mike? Go back there and take the rest of the Neanderthals with you.

  • Jennifer German

    Wow. Why the hate?

  • The Shadow

    You sound pretty anti-Florida to me.

  • anti-federalist

    320 million people spread across half of a continent ruled over by one imperial city. The United States, like every empire that has preceded it, is destined to collapse. It’s unsustainable, ungovernable and unreformable. This billboard is hardly a crawl toward reclaiming the lost American traditions of decentralism, home rule, localism and state sovereignty.

    If you want perpetual war, perpetual debt, full-spectrum surveillance and the loss of your other freedoms please continue to vote Democrat or Republican.

    If you’re sick of watching conservatives and liberals slitting each others throats over whose vision gets forced upon everyone else, then consider the option of your forebearers.

    Your founding fathers were traitors and seditious. They were radical violent extremists from the perspective of the crown. They fought and died so they wouldn’t be ruled over by a Monarch and his imperial forces. We ought not have our humanity tread upon by this empire of bankers, lawyers and corporate henchmen. It’s our sovereign right and duty to peacefully withdraw our consent. It’s way past the hour that we reclaim our freedom for ourselves, our futures and our families.

  • Chris Brown

    Well cut my legs off throw me in the bushes ,an call me shorty ,,,,WHERE IN THE HELL DID THIS NUT (COFFFF COFFFFFFFF ) GET THE KLAN OUT OF THIS <<<<<<<

  • Jennifer German

    Why? Because I am not a racist with a limited gene-pool?

  • Nellie Athome

    Well I grant that you sound less than educated if you believe the sun revolves around the earth but you sound equally uninformed if you refuse to understand the difference between an editorial or blog, which is an opinion piece, and journalism that is supposed to deal with the facts of an incident without opinion or speculation.

  • I_Hate_The_State

    “they hate more than Jews”

    How does one arrive at that conclusion?

  • Jennifer German

    Looks like a ducK, quacKs like a ducK – cough, cough – recKon it might be a ducK, bucKaroo….

  • The Shadow

    Good news- the Klan isn’t in this.

  • The Shadow

    Ah, more name calling from the left. Seriously, it’s like anything remotely conservative is mentioned and the leftists pull out the standard ‘racist’ ‘inbred’ ‘hick’ crap. Bravo!
    You are clearly against secession, which means you are against self-determination for Florida. Again, sounds pretty anti-Florida to me.

  • The Shadow

    Because anything that is remotely pro-Southern has to be somehow related to the Klan. At least that’s what they taught me in public school…

  • The Shadow

    Either way its a poorly written article.

  • adsicks

    Hell, Seceding from Great Britain got us into this damn mess. Are we all gonna keep drumming up that stupid Declaration of Independence crap. It didn’t work then and it won’t work now. People have no business governing their own communities and anyone who thinks they can make sound decisions all by themselves is a racist Nazi wannabe!!!

  • Joseph Torres

    Loyalty to your state is more important, not to a group of other states. Unity by force is not unity. Missouri is my country not Utah, or Illinois, or any other state, or DC. I would side with Missouri if she decided to go her own way.

  • patrickhenry13

    lol,at least 4 states are talking about splitting into new states because of liberal ideals,the last 5 elections have been bought by democrats/socialists,and all this quack can find to talk about is a billboard,,why didn’t he just go right to his pet project,furthering the cause of marxism in the usa,,it’s what he normally yaks about..

  • The Shadow

    This summary was far better than the article, IMO.

  • The Shadow

    Oh now that was clever. You must be one of the artsy leftists. lol

  • Logan Smith

    Jacki Mick, you are an extremely ignorant person.

  • Logan Smith

    Who exactly said this has anything to do with race?

  • Logan Smith


  • Low_Budget_Dave

    In the United States, we have some real issues to deal with. Rising poverty, militarization of the economy, federal deficit, trade deficit, and over-reliance on oil, to name just a few.

    Defending the culture of white southern people is simply not a high priority. For one thing, it is not under attack. No one questions our right to remain uninformed, for example. And the right to be bigoted is only called into question when it comes to hiring and/or trying to keep minorities from voting. Even if you secede, you still won’t win either of those issues.

    Secession certainly won’t be able to close the borders, which is one of the main (if not only) goals of League of the South. Besides the fact that immigrants bring economic development (jobs) to our state, they also bring votes. And in case you have not counted, the votes of legal immigrants votes outnumber League of the South by a wide margin.

    Need proof? Even the Tea Party Senators think the LS is a bunch of hopeless racists. If a political movement is too extremist for Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio, that gives you an idea where they fall on the bell curve of “people who think you are stupid.”

    The only option that this leaves for League of the South is to take up arms against the U.S. government, which they suggest on their web site more than once. If this happens, it might be important to remember that LS is an Alabama-based organization with little real support in Florida. If you think treason is a valid option to protect your “culture”, then you might want to keep in mind that killing people is the lowest form of debate.

    Not only will you lose your argument in the hearts and minds of true patriots, but you will also be killed (quickly) by the people who are the most patriotic among us (Cops and U.S. military troops, for example.) If you are fortunate to live long enough to see the inside of a prison, it will not be so you can advance your cause through a public debate. Instead, you will be reduced to supporting your “culture” through the time-honored tradition of prison gangs.

    So to those of you who think secession is still a good solution to Florida’s problems: You are nitwits. Take down the silly signs that only advertise your ignorance. And next time you vote, try to learn about some issues other than immigration. Farm policy and water rights, for example, have a more direct impact on your “culture” than immigration. Educate yourselves and you might be able to accomplish something positive.

  • rust

    Excuse me, but why is secession a Klan thing, you racist twit? And what makes you think that an Independent State of Florida would want to impede immigration? Oh, and by the way, a Nazi by definition is a member of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei. You would do well to look it up. Or don’t you know your history, you racist twit? Perhaps I shouldn’t call you a racist: It looks bad on them. Be sure to reserve your FEMA bunk REAL SOON.

  • rust

    That conclusion is reached by closing your eyes, thinking of Stalin and hoping for the best. Which basically means, throw any ignorant thing out there to support an argument.

  • G. Joseph Fondren

    Now I’m really confused. Are the childish temper tantrums of Jacki Mick, Jennifer German, and Low Budget Dave the result of three overpriced government “educations”, or do they fester from some sophomoric delusion of grandeur that they are any level above being allowed by the Ruling Elite to carry out their piss buckets? Is this Triumvirate of Cerebral Atrophy (TCA) the best that can be drudged up (No offense, Matt) on short notice. If Curly, Larry, and Moe,,,oops, I mean Jacki, Jennifer, and Low can stop rolling on the floor, kicking, and holding their breath for a minute or two, I’d like to hear from them how their opposition to secession equates with government OF, BY, and FOR the people; and also why the necessary “consent of the governed” once granted by the people can never be withdrawn. (Hey, you three, I apologize for the compound sentences, but if you know any ten-year-old home schooled kids, get one of them to help you out).

  • Mary

    So you want to imprison people who disagree with you? Or do you just hope the cops kill them? I landed here quite by accident and don’t know the issues of your state, but know that you sound scary–crazy scary.

  • Mary

    Because….. Well we really don’t know. Really? You don’t know? Have you any idea how much debt this country has? It doubled under Bush and then doubled again under Obama. That is called exponential debt. The economy is shrinking and it is therefore unsustainable and will lead to massive inflation, if not an economic collapse. That is one good reason Florida might want to get out. Just sayin’.

  • Mary

    How would it leave those groups behind?

  • Mary

    So you like having Floridians sent to die in foreign countries?

  • Tess-toss-tyrone

    What does Jacki Mick fear? Freedom?

    The only hate evident in this story comes from the writer.

  • Anthony Ventarola

    Whenever they have no rational argument or counterpoint, they say things like “Klan”, “racist”, “right-wing”. All part of the playbook.

  • Jordan Breon

    I don’t understand the puerile and illogical fear of political decentralization. I wonder how many of the people using the wild-eyed hyperbole contained in this ‘opinion’ supported the War of Secession from the British Empire in 1776? (misnamed a ‘revolution’ but the colonists never overthrew the Crown) Is it a fear that the Federales will slaughter more of their citizens to maintain the power structure? This fear is not unfounded, but I would suggest growing a backbone if you desire your freedom.

    Perhaps it is just as Sallust wrote: Namque pauci libertatem, pars magna iustos dominos volunt.

    Few men desire freedom, the greater part desire just masters.

  • kirk

    an ignorant buffoon, who can’t see the fact that they, themselves, are slaves to a central entity that controls every aspect of their life, writing to defend that state of slavery, bespeaks of the propaganda effluent issued daily at the govt schools that this ‘writer’ obviously attended.

    go on and defend the slavery you love. it is you, and your type, that the rest of us want to separate ourselves from…desperately…so it is you and your type only that get to enjoy the fruits of your obviously tyrannical mindset.

  • kirk

    calling others names indicates you have nothing to offer. sadly, i bet you think your are real trendy for referring to those of us who want freedom as ‘neanterthals’. instead, you show those of us who are truly educated and wise that your bucket of wisdom is so shallow as to be nonexistent.

  • kirk

    secession would do one thing: leave tyrants like you out in the cold. that’s the real rub, isn’t it?

  • kirk

    being an ignorant buffoon indicates you are a member of the largest gene pool in amerika…the stupids…and your ignorant, name calling tirades only add to the picture of one who runs their mouth with no relevant information nearby.

  • kirk

    it’s hate to tell the truth? wanting freedom makes one a nazi? a kkk member? only in the mind of that ignoramus who wrote the drivel …and apparently, you, as well who supports such bovine scat.

  • JigglyBits

    For those that asked why racism was called to the floor, this is an example of the thought process of the group that was the subject of this article.

  • JigglyBits

    tl, dr? Seriously? Did you also have trouble with Hop on Pop?

  • JigglyBits

    I think the logic behind discussing racism and race hate groups might be because the guy in the video was a member of an Aryan group when he was in prison.

    There are groups that are bold and declare outright that they are racists and they want white power. Then there is the LotS. It was created by educated people who all decided to secede from the group when thin veil of racism was removed and the group all but lynched those that they felt didn’t fit the right characteristics.

  • JigglyBits

    I am pretty sure the guy in the video had to go through an initiation to become a Nazi when he was in prison.

    And, when robbing people, it is safe to assume you might be pro-KKK when you shout, “This is for the KKK!”

  • JigglyBits

    In all honesty, I would love to imprison anyone who disagreed with me. Think of how easy life would be.

    “Terry Bradshaw was the greatest quaterback of all time!”
    “No he wasn’t.”
    “GUARDS, lock him away!”

    “I think we should have steak tonight.”
    “Hmm, I’m not in the mood!”

    I am an arrogant, overbearing, self-obsessed ass, so, yes, I think my opinion is more important than anyone else’s and it would be awesome to get rid of everyone that found my opinion disagreeable.

  • http://whiteliberty.US/ white liberty

    Time to build a Berlin Wall around Washington DC. It’s not part of any state of the United States. It’s foreign territory and foreign rule. :)


  • Freetruthnow

    The sign promotes a very good idea, for everybody. The most important political unit is the individual. True Freedom and Liberty means that all individuals should secede from the archaic institutions created by ancient elite to rule the little people by force. The organizing principle of society should be based on voluntary cooperation, not the monopoly on violence that we inherited. Only universal self-government is compatible with the principles of a free society. If you want to be ruled by others, that is your choice; but don’t impose that rule on others because you fear your own freedom. The State of Florida seceding from the Imperial Federal State is a step in the right direction, but does not go far enough if freedom and liberty for every person is your goal.

  • JigglyBits

    I wish bigots would just accept the fact that they are bigots. Be proud of who you are. From ^previous person’s website:
    “Your best investment is a smart white baby with a strong will to live.”
    “We must secure our existence and future for white children.”

    I don’t understand the back peddling that most of the white supremacist groups try to do. Embrace the hate. If you want a Island of All-White Toys, then stand up and wave that banner high. Own it. Write about it. Preach it to the world. But don’t run from it. That only gives fuel to the liberal race traitors.

    When the devout wobble, it give the atheist an place to attack.

    When a Duke Lacrosse player (who is white, by the way) stutter steps, it allows his opponent the opportunity to get past and… successfully do what ever the hell lacrosse players do that doesn’t involve rape.

    But the white power groups try to play the semantics game. They try to bait people into calling them racists. Some members have been doing so long that they excel at it, they’ve become master baiters.

    The truth is, that it appears to some people that the secession issues, and other issues outside of race hate, are just sacrificial lambs used to distract the liberal leaning people of the world. Once those dirt footed hippies are distracted, that allows the supremacists to go on with lynching and mobbing without interference.

  • davidusromanus

    Seriuosly. You don’t think we can govern ourselves better than those clowns in DC?

  • Jamie

    Honorable men, standing up for a noble cause!

  • ND52


    I live in Oklahoma City and we’ve got plenty of you so-called “progressives” here. You move to your native habitat in the North East and I’ll stay here.


  • ND52

    You’re correct @nellieathome:disqus but since this piece appears on the Weekly’s website it carries much more weight as a journalistic piece than if it had appeared on the writer’s personal website.

  • Sertorius

    You have the right idea, Mike. To hell with this nonsense the globalists and their cultural Marxist allies have brought upon us.

  • Sertorius

    No, because you come across stupid as hell which does back up the belief that your gene pool is limited. Logic, reason and critical thinking skills are in short supply in your case.

    People like you have ruined America.

  • Sertorius

    Indeed, Jennifer, why the hate from you? It’s because you are a cultural Marxists who projects upon others what you are guilty of yourself. Fortunately, I believe the scales are starting to fall from the eyes of most people as to what you are all about, hence, your tricks are wearing thin.

  • Sertorius

    It was certainly more interesting.

  • madaxeman

    It’s always about the names isn’t it? Whenever you liberal leaning people cannot handle a logical argument you have to resort to the name calling.
    Oh yes were all stupid inbred rednecks who hate the blacks.
    What I really love is when I see one of you people driving around in a volkswagen with some kind of “republicans are nazis” bumpersticker on the back. All the while oblivious to the fact that Adolf Hitler had a hand in the production of your car.
    Let’s ditch the name calling and face it, it is well past time for a divorce in this country. The right and the left in this country can no longer see eye to eye and have not been able to do so for years, and we never are. We need to draw a line and each side move to their part of the country wherever that may be.
    Hey if it doesn’t work out for us I am good with that, I would rather be poor and starving but able to live my life as I see fit, than have a small amount of financial security and have the nannybot government you people seem to love so much, dictate every aspect of how I live my life.
    Don’t go away mad…..Just go away.

  • JigglyBits

    Madaxeman, are you saying that the website in White Liberty’s post has no racially biased text on it?

    Are you denying that the person speaking in the video was not a member of an Aryan prison gang?

    Are you saying that White Power groups shouldn’t stand up and clearly state that they hate other races?

    I am asking these questions to get a better understanding of your position. I’m also prodding you to spew more on this website because I get all giggly like a school girl when people murder grammar.

    I am poking the bear to get more attention. I like when people, regardless of what they are saying, respond to comments I make on the internet. I am clearly stating my reasons for writing this, I am simply trying to get a rise out of you.

    Now, I will clearly state my point of view. I think the government is in chaos. I believe the government has always been in chaos. The problems we face now are the same problems that we faced in the sixties and the same problems they faced at the turn of the 1900s. The problems wear a different suit, surely, but the core problems are still the core problems.

    One of the leading problems, as you have clearly demonstrated, is a failure to communicate. If you watch MSNBC or FOX, you can see that neither side is making any attempt to communicate. They are simply trying to wedge in and spout off their talking points.

    I love how you use the old internet argument (also a kick ass Motley Crue song) “Don’t go away mad…..Just go away”.

    It illustrates that you don’t want discourse, you want your way. When I was seven, I had a friend that was like that. He tried to make all the rules up for whatever game we were playing and then shout, “If you don’t like it, don’t play.” We all laughed at him. I guess we were cruel little kids back then, but it was hard not to laugh at him.

    Again, my previous comment was about the content of White Liberty’s website. I love when racists openly and loudly advertise that they are racists. It is the best thing for middle ground people. To quote a musical I like, “Everyone’s a little racist”. And, when BillyBobJoeJimBob gets his feathers all in a ruffle and starts screaming “WAAATTT POWA!!!” it causes others to pause and reconsider their position.

    I believe David Duke once said that his best recruiting tool for his organization was Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. And surely, David Duke was a pretty big recruiting tool for Sharpton.

    Let’s put all of that to the side, and be frank. Well, I’ll be Frank, you can be Betty… or Veronica, take your pick… If a group that has racist undertones supports a movement, I have to question the motives that are behind them supporting the movement. The group backing this movement has a lot of racist undertones, so I feel that it is plausible that the agenda for the separation of Florida from these United States might possibly have something to do with racism.

    Hmmm… I think I just won this argument.

  • MIchael Erway

    That “thought process” would be what? Speaking the truth? Reality?

  • JigglyBits

    The “thought process” (you are right I should have put quotes around it to sarcastically indicate that this group doesn’t think at all) is one of racial prejudice and hatred.

    If I am riding a horse, I am not going to say, “I am rising a four legged animal”. I’m going to say, “Yippe KAY-YAH, I’m riding a horse bitches!”

    If you believe that the truth is found in the message of LotS, then just come out and admit that you hate people that are different than you. Be proud of it. Own it. Put it on your sleeve. Maybe an armband of some sort.

    I would like for anyone to state that I am wrong when I say, “The man speaking in the video stole guns and shouted that it was for the KKK.” Because if someone were to tell me I was wrong in saying that, I could reply with “Nuh uh.” And I would feel all proud about making a childish snarky comment. I would also feel a bit superior because I would know that I was dealing with someone that could never be reasoned with, and I would drop the facade of trying to be civil.

  • JigglyBits

    I hate that channel, I prefer We, or TLC.

  • MIchael Erway

    I challenge you to provide proof regarding all that “racial prejudice and hatred” coming from the League of the South.

    The only armbands that come to mind are/were worn by minions of the state. If I felt the need to control others, while being paid by those very same people, I would certainly don an official armband just for you.

    The idea of throwing off the yoke of centralized tyranny is not a hatred of anything outside of being ruled by an imperial government.

  • JigglyBits

    So the guy in the video NEVER shouted “This is for the KKK!”

    I have to pee, and then pick up dinner, but I will return to tear the rest of your argument to shreds when I get a moment.

    This is fun, and so far it looks like I am winning the debate.

  • Logan Smith


  • Logan Smith

    I hate Yankees (for mindlessly hating me, and for what they did to my country/people), but I don’t hate people because of their race. It’s what that individual person thinks, does or says to me and my people that makes me judge that person. If there were ever a war between the seceding states, I’d hope that people’s of all the races fight next to me.

  • MIchael Erway

    He said no such thing. Typical. The hater who cried wolf.

  • MIchael Erway

    These are the very same people, Logan. Only they now wear the uniform of fascism/authoritarianism. You could go back and forth with this type of scum for decades, and they’ll still hate us for being Southerners. Fine with me.

  • Low_Budget_Dave


    You don’t seem to have good reading skills, so I won’t respond to your insults. Except to say you are a nitwit.

  • GunRights4US

    Only God almighty could have crammed so much foolishness into one skull! Maybe you should change your screen name to Low IQ Dave

  • Low_Budget_Dave

    That is pretty funny coming from someone who has “GunRights” in their name. I refuse to have this argument with shallow thinkers.

  • JigglyBits

    I can’t really have a serious discussion with you when you just deny facts. So, I will continue on having a goofy conversation where I say stuff that you ignore, then you replay with stuff that makes me giggle because it is the equivalent of watching Leaping Lenny Poffo tell Mean Gene that he is going to win a match.

    You entertain me. Now, dance monkey, dance.

    And, by all accounts, I am still winning this debate.

  • JigglyBits

    First, I don’t wear a uniform. I wear a flowery shirt and sometimes sandles, but mostly I am barefoot. I have all the money my grandfather’s grandfather stole from your slave owning grandpappy and bought a string of hotels so he could rent the land he took from the southeners back to them at jacked up prices when they could afford to go on vacation. So, wearing a uniform isn’t required. Sometimes I go with just a bikini. There are days on my private beach, I go topless for the hell of it.

    Stop being a sore loser. You sound like the Anti-Mao children. Or the Tea-Party… or the democrats after Nixon pummeled them into submission and nigh obliteration.

    I don’t hate you. Please don’t misconstrue my message. You are a dollar sign to me. Because of you and people like you spewing hate, the security business I own makes money. Because of the fear you conjure up, the gun store that rents one of my units can still pay his rent.

    I am in favor of the imperialist government because it makes me rich.

    So, please, continue to dance for me, monkey.

    And further, if you have to go back and forth for decades, and you can’t get your message across, that makes you a bad communicator. You have to adopt the message to the audience. You obviously can’t get it right, and you can’t try the SAY IT LOUDER AND SLOWER method. The guys that work in my hotel have discovered that doesn’t work with people that do not speak your language.

    So, since you speak a language of hate and “I’m a victim”, the masses will never understand you and never get on board with your cute little revolution. Try dumping the race-hater in the group, learn a new tune, and hire my marketing firm to spread your message. It is expensive, but worth it,

  • JigglyBits

    Karen Konned Kevin
    Kill Kacey Kwietly.
    Kevin Kills Kacey
    Keren Klaps Kandidly.


  • Low_Budget_Dave


    I have thought a bit before replying to you, because it sounds like you have at least given some thought to the issue of secession. Some of the other comments are really not worthy of reply. Mary, for example, obviously didn’t read what I wrote. “GunRights” just wanted to type out some insults.

    You are a slightly different case. You insulted my education, of course, without any knowledge of where I was educated, but I will give you the benefit of a doubt and assume that you meant to insult my argument, and that was the best you could come up with.

    But yes, I am opposed to the idea of secession, even if it were economically feasible. And I will lay out the reasons for you, since you seem to be able to follow an argument.

    My first objection is historical. The legality of secession was settled by the civil war. Might does not always make right, but it does always determine the outcome of war. The American Civil War was notable for four years of bloodshed that killed more than a half million people, and ended the practice of slavery in the U.S.

    One reason slavery is not coming back (in the U.S.) is because it is against the laws of God and man. But another reason is that the North won the war. Just as with slavery, the question of secession was settled on the battlefield. To assume that we can simply secede every time we don’t like the color of the President is to dishonor the sacrifice of military troops who died to stop people like you.

    My second objection is practical. You hinted that we all simply work for the elite, and that we have no say in the way the country is run. Although this is correct, it implies that secession is a solution to the problem. It is not. If Florida secedes, it would remove one layer of government, but the average person would be just as powerless as we were under a strong central government.

    In fact, I would argue that the average person would be even more powerless. Over the course of the last 200 years, the United States has developed a great number of protections for individual rights. Florida has not. If Florida throws off the regulations of the central government, there is no guarantee that Florida would be as responsive to the rights of the minority.

    In fact, if you look at the history of Florida, there is every indication that the newly formed “Nation of Florida” would have no worker’s rights, no voting rights, no environmental standards, and obviously corrupt elections.

    My third (but by no means final) objection is philosophical. The U.S. Constitution was not designed to subjugate the population, it was designed to subjugate the states. With apologies to Mitt Romney, states are not people.

    A person can simply renounce their citizenship to avoid their obligations as taxpayers. States cannot.

    If a state feels that the Federal Government is falling down in their obligations to control immigration, then the state has several options. They can institute police policies to assist in the capture of undocumented immigrants; they can work with other states to change the Federal law; or they can sue the Federal Government to force them to better enforce the existing laws.

    The one thing they cannot do is secede. It is not within their legal, moral, practical, or philosophical jurisdiction.

  • Scott Horn

    Then it’s a good thing they included all of those reasons on that Tallahassee billboard everyone’s defending.

  • Scott Horn

    Honest question: have you actually gone on the League of the South’s website?

  • Mike Smith

    Translation: I am off my meds & winning this debate with myself.

  • Mike Smith

    Here’s hoping you get the fistful of diversity you so richly deserve. At the rate we’re declining, it won’t be long.

  • TRW077

    Whats the problem with the League Of the South. You people must be from the north. Go back and stay there and take you so called newspaper with you, about all it is for is lining a birdcage and rapping dead mullet in it.

  • Alex_Linder

    Written by a third-grader that thinks it’s funny. Someone should teach it that nazi means nationalist. But then it would have to put down the tasty paste and learn something.

  • izank

    How is the Nazis the same as the South? The South wanted small government and wanted to be indepdnent. The Nazis wanted to invade other nations and wanted government to control every aspect of your life. Lincoln, if you want to use the word ‘nazi’ could be compared to Hitler since Lincoln wanted to kick out the blacks, Lincoln wanted big government, Lincoln was the one to first have troops invade the South (The South weren’t the first to go up North), Lincoln jailed people for speaking their minds (he imprisoned some ‘13000 political prisoners’) jounralists and other state representatives who didn’t agree with him. You hate Southerners? Fine. Then let them go their own way.

  • eadf

    “Racism” is a word used by liberals to intimidate their enemies. It’s no different than when the Church called people ‘witches’ or ‘heretics.’ Y

  • jigglyBitsisALiberalblot

    So when white southerners want to secede, that’s ‘racist and hate.’ Black militants and hispanic militants call for violence against whites and for their own homeland, yet I dont hear people like you calling that racist.

  • adsf

    That’s really why the system and why the liberals don’t want white southerners or Red State conservative whites to break away. We’re the ones who do the work, pay the taxes, keep things running, and they would be nothing without us and they know it.

  • Logan Smith

    Your entire comment is the reason the South wants to secede today.

  • Logan Smith

    They did include their website, where you can read the reasons why we want to secede.

  • JigglyBits

    Any person that wants to divide the human race based on something as arbitrary as shading, is a racist. If you want to divide and create unbalance based on whether you dangle or not, you are a sexist.

    The argument is not whether these people are racist or not, that is abundantly clear if you really dig in and look, the question is, why go to such great lengths to cover up the fact that you hate someone with different pigmentation that you?

    If you hire someone to fill a quota, that’s racist. If you refuse to shake the hand of someone different than you, you are a racist.

    Stop running from it, embrace. Yell it from the rooftops.

  • JigglyBits

    And… Mike “Kill The Darkies” Smith has nothing to counter with? Imagine that. Smoke and mirrors, smoke and mirrors.

    But I shouldn’t point that out, I might hurt her feelings and then I will stop getting the attention I so richly deserve.

  • JigglyBits

    WHAT? I am responsible for the second rising of the south?

    I am somebody!

    It would be more believable if the 1980’s never happened. You know the time when all the folks in the south that actually had money recruited all the people from the north to do the work that the southerners were ill equipped and untrained to do.

    (Now, for those of you reading at home, pay close attention. What you will soon see is a bunch of angry rednecks denying that there was a huge influx during that time and they will deny that the south was in a desperate search for “skilled” labor in the north.) And… go.

  • JigglyBits

    Racism is also a word used to describe people or ideals that want to separate the races because they have fear or hate.

  • Pat Hines

    NAZI is shorthand for National Socialist, which was born in the era of progressivism, coming straight out of it.

    One can be a nationalist and NOT be a socialist, in fact most nationalists aren’t socialists at all.

  • Pat Hines

    Anti-racism is a code word for anti-white, at the least, and most likely anti-south as well.

  • Chris Meyering

    Nothing would please me more than the south to succeed.

    They have the highest rate of Poverty vacuuming in tons of welfare dollars while contributing the least in tax revenue. Also, due to their unhealthy eating habits, they have the highest rate of obesity and heart disease which is a massive drain on our Medicare / Medicaid funds. Yet they bitch and moan at the Blue states politics who are flipping the bill for them to live their redneck lifestyle.

    Cut them off and let them wallow in their filth and see how far making moonshine and hunting squirrels gets them in the modern economy free from Federal Influence and monetary assistance.

  • Pat Hines

    “I think the logic behind discussing racism and race hate groups might be
    because the guy in the video was a member of an Aryan group when he was
    in prison.”

    You know that, how, precisely? Did the $PLC tell you that?

  • Scott Horn

    There’s probably a reason they didn’t slap those reasons on a billboard in broad daylight.

  • Scott Horn

    There might be a good reason they didn’t slap those reasons across a billboard in a very prominent, public place.

  • JigglyBits

    Anti-racism is just being an enlightened human being.

    And, again, please pay attention. I am not saying people shouldn’t be racist. I’m not saying they can’t be racist. I am just saying that if they are, they should be proud of it and stop hiding behind thinly veiled bait boxes of Southern Pride.

    This is probably very narrow minded of me, but every single person I have ever met that was “Southern Pride”, hated black people. I am not saying I have met every “Southern Pride” folk out there, I am just saying everyone I have met thus far has been a racist.

  • JigglyBits

    OOOp, you got me. And, I probably can’t bring up the New York Times article. That would be “Yankee propsgandah!”

    Or the Jacksonville newspaper article. That’s kind of a yankee city.

    Or the article in the Kentucky New Era. They are probably liberal race traitors.

  • Pat Hines

    Because the terms “racist” and “racism” were coined by Marxists to use to attack western European and Christians in the US; I try to avoid using them. They really have no meaning or other use.

    I do have pride in what my ancestors accomplished in North America, all of whom were white.

  • Pat Hines

    In other words, you don’t know what you’re talking about, same as the author of the essay.

    We southern nationalists run into that a lot.

  • JigglyBits

    Wait, so, you are agreeing with me that those publications are invalid sources.

    What about the police reports?

  • JigglyBits

    The terms were coined by scientists. It was manipulated and used by the Marxists because it fit the agenda they were trying to push.

    And, let us not try to paint the Christians as victims here. Christians are the cause of so much tragedy and bloodshed. Christians are bullies who like the proud bigot, has to scramble words to cover his ass.

    You try to avoid using racist and racism because you are too afraid to admit to yourself that the only reason you hate your neighbor is because is tan is WAAYY better than yours.

    Let’s list the accomplishments of the white man in North America:

    1) Building the robber baron platform to keep the poor poor.
    2) Genocide
    3) Extinction of 1000s of species
    4) Unleashing the deadliest weapon and murdering millions instantly… TWICE
    5) Raping the land
    6) Mountain Dew. (I love that stuff)
    7) Curing Polio
    8) Peanut Butter (Oh… wait… that was a black guy)
    9) Flight
    10) FREE Electricity for everyone! (Wait… that was a Serbian)
    11) Expensive electricity to those that can afford it! (Thanks Edison)
    12) Strip Malls
    13) Wal Mart
    14) Slavery (Wait… the Egyptians invented that)
    15) The internet!

  • Pat Hines

    I have no idea of what you’re talking about. I know of no {“police reports” about the League of the South.

    Do you?

  • JigglyBits

    Your ignorance of things that exists, doesn’t cause them to not exist.
    Take Uranus for example. I have never seen Uranus. I have never been near Uranus. But, I am certain, that if you were on that plant, and and you had to find shelter, and you went into a cave on that planet, and then a rescue party came along and you wanted to get their attention, you would do exactly what you are doing now.
    You would be shouting out of Uranus.

    There is an arrest record. Of the guy in the video. Jacksonville. Nov 17, 1990. Weapons charges. Search revealed enough material that the Deputy Director of Police stated “Our preliminary indications are that these individuals are related to the KKK and the Aryan Nation.”

    Now, monkey-boy, it is your turn to deny this. But, when you do, please do it in a huffy Foghorn Leghorn, Col. Sanders outrage, “Muh Dear Suh, I do declah that his har is an EEEgreeegious Outridge and forthright forthwit deNOUNCiminification of the LAAAAAAWWW. Ah ahm outriidged! Fuming with Outridge! My pappy is tunnin ovah in his rebel greys at the mere thought ov his beluvvid klan being labid a Ray-zizzm.”

    That would make me giggle a lot.

  • Pat Hines

    You mean the police who ask for and get “intelligence Reports” from the SPLC?

    You’ll find that most police reports about the League and its members have precisely the same origin.

  • Marc Hauser

    Well, most of that is due to the rather large population of negros down south.

  • Marc Hauser

    No. It’s not shorthand for anything. Hitler never used it to describe his party. It was created by Konrad Heiden in order to insult members of the NSDAP. It’s similar to calling someone a pinko.

  • Marc Hauser

    Your list is so full of bullshit I almost thought you were describing a cow pasture.

  • Pat Hines

    I think you’ve conjured up the “C” word, so we’re done.

  • Pat Hines

    Well, you could b e correct, but as I’ve always said.

    The only good socialist is a dead socialist, national or otherwise.

  • JigglyBits

    You don’t believe that the internet exists?


  • Tom B

    I told that stupid sign company it was SUCCEED, not SECEDE!

  • Tom B

    So, eadf, I’m just curious, what does it mean when conservatives use the word “racism”?

  • Tom B

    Also, the “Church” is mostly made up of conservatives. Remember, liberals hate America and God.

  • Tom B

    I told the sign company it was supposed to say SUCCEED not SECEDE.

  • Marc Hauser

    In my defense, the internet was covered in so much cow feces I couldn’t quite see it.

  • Marc Hauser

    Well, one of the problems with America is that it is and always has been a business proposition. That’s why the South is full of negroes. They were bought in a free market system to perform labor.

    Now, consider the Civil War. Most Northern workers, Irish, Italian, German, etc, could have cared less whether or not the South seceded. They had their own problems. Hell, we burned Chicago and New York to the ground protesting that war. NYC was only saved due to a thunderstorm.

    The people that wanted the war, were the business owners, bankers, who could and did keep the South in economic bondage after the war was over. Had their been an economy based on the principle that the workers owned the product of their labor, these business owners would never have been able to wage their war on South to begin with.

  • hangman

    What an ignorant person you are to mock and make fun of others. You are a hypocrite to yourself and that of your own kind, whatever that may be. You are not someone to take serious per your own avatar. You seem to have an issue of people determining their own course or direction. You seem to be adverse to anything that is white. I am proud of my heritage, my history, and my ethnic background. It that makes me a racist, it makes you absolutely stupid. You really should stop with the name calling, otherwise you are nothing to take serious. You are nothing more than the typical mouth piece of a educational school that has ran afoul. By the way, my great great father was a rebel (General) , a congressman before and after the war. Are there any other racist ethnic insult or slurs your want to rant about or throw? Last time I look, it is the sons and daughter of the South who are a huge part of our armed forces that keep such ignorant people like yourself free to be as ignorant as you portray yourself in being. You’re not even funny in your rant, just another tool of ignorance with a huge does of hypocrisy. Then again, all you liberals are hypocrites. How about this, don’t worry what us “rednecks”, just mind your business by removing your nose from out of our arse.

  • hangman

    From liberals who do hate the Jews. They are after all hypocrites. They don’t like black folks either. You sure won’t find a liberal who really knows any blacks. Always someone else back yard but never their own. I love how they throw out the word racist but they and their party have been the racist throughout American history before the word was coined. They had the KKK in their party in recent past and history. They are the ones who side with the Arabs while hating the Jews behind the scenes. They are the one’s who was forced to vote God in after three attempts and 3 failures. They are the party of death. They rather save a murder while killing innocent children. There is a place called Hell for them. They will find out soon enough how azz backwards they really are. Democrats? They still from the poor and give to themselves.

  • Pat Hines

    If I hire someone to do a job for me, they’re not going to own what they make for me.

    What you speak of above is corporatism, not capitalism. That’s a mistake many make.

  • JigglyBits

    Uh… hangman… the English language just called… it asked me to ask you to stop butchering it.

    If the only thing you have to be proud of is your skin color (or the fact that grandpappy owned a bunch of them negros) , I feel sorry for you.

  • JigglyBits

    Ok. Let’s go through the list one by one.

    So number one…

    Do you deny that there was a system in place that allowed robber barons to rake in insane profits from steel, oil, rail, electricity, communications, and other businesses while the people that worked for those companies did not make enough to survive?

  • Michael Davis

    Wow, somebody must have linked this to the Stormfront loons.

  • The Shadow

    Nope, just people who support self determination.

  • The Shadow


    Anyway, you obviously hate Southerners, but at least you and I agree that the South should no longer be part of the Union. I’ll give ya that.