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Latest update on Florida’s gay marriage lawsuit. IT’S STILL ON.

March 3, 2014
via Huffington Post

via Huffington Post

So, it was just a week or so ago that we were telling you how Florida Family Policy Council nutjob John Stemberger and his boyfriend (er, partner in crime) Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel (WHICH IS NOW A HATE GROUP, NATCH) were – cough – inserting themselves into Florida’s legal volley to get gay marriage passed through the courts (because our boyfriend House Speaker Will Weatherford totally won’t do anything legislatively, even though that’s not what he said LAST NIGHT!). Whatevs with that deflection dramz, because today the team of attorneys representing the six couples suing for the right to marry in Miami-Dade County responded to the the clerk of courts initial response (basically, that he didn’t think it was right that he be the focus of all this, even though clerk Harvey Ruvin is the one who physically refused to issue these folks marriage licenses in January) with an audible eyeroll. Below, you’ll find today’s filing and then, beneath that, Ruvin’s attempt at logic from three weeks ago. Big wheel keep on turning, proud Mary keep on burning. SHOOP SHOOP SHOOP.


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  • JigglyBits

    The legal system, all aspects of it, is a wobbly drunken robotic machine with bad inner ear infection. And like your fat drunken 6’7″ drinking buddy… you only hope it lands safely without crushing someone when it does fall.

    I think the entire legal system should be replaced with Zoltan style machines. Two people have beef, the stand in front of Zoltan and they both pull levers. What ever spits out on the card is the courts ruling.

    It would be more efficiency, be more fair, and be corrupted in the same messed up way as the current system.