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Giant fish tank ruptures at Downtown Disney

March 18, 2014

Last night at the T-Rex restaurant in Downtown Disney, my worst nightmare happened. One of those huge aquariums dotting the restaurant ruptured, spewing fish-water on diners. Now, for normal people, this would just be a weird story to tell friends and family, but for me, just reading this story makes my heart beat faster and my palms get a little sweaty. I have possibly one of the weirdest fears ever: aquarium fish. I’ll wait until you’re done laughing. I’ll try to get it together long enough to bring you guys the facts.

via @edgesoftheearth

According to reports, Disney cast members cleared guests from the area, started scooping fish into buckets and, in some instances, even climbed inside the tank to save the fish. I can’t even imagine. I have trouble sitting in a restaurant that has fish swimming around in a glass cage. There’s no way I would have hung out to get video, like the brave folks above. I really dig the jellyfish lights, though.

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  • lin

    This is a very serious matter and this person should not have written an article. Many people care about fish. It isn’t funny.

  • Sean Grebey

    The restaurant serves fish on the menu. When do we start the vigil for all those poor Salmon lost?