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8 great places to get your geek on in Orlando

March 3, 2014

You always hear that Orlando has something for everyone. There’s tons of outdoorsy stuff to do, it’s a huge hub for sports fans, college and pro, there’s Universal Orlando and Disney World for tourists and families and there are tons of diversions for the partying set. Where does that leave the indoorsy types, those who feel more comfortable in front of a humming video game console than on rollercoasters, kayaks or in the bleachers?

Don’t worry, geeks, we’ve got your back! In case you’re looking for a nice dark place to play your new 3DS, or a spot where you can really connect with your fellow comic-book lovers and gamers, we’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorite places where people would never judge you out for extolling the virtues of playing League of Legends.

 1. A Comic Shop

A Comic Shop, get your geek on
A Comic Shop, near Full Sail in Winter Park, via

There’s A Comic Shop, where you can wander around for hours asking Oral or Aaron what the deal is with an artist’s decision to make a villain look soft instead of tough in the latest issue. (Voted Best Comic Book Store by the Orlando Weekly.)

2. Acme, Living Dead and Coliseum of Comics

Acme Comics, get your geek on
Silver Surfer collectible @ Acme Superstore, via

Acme, Living Dead Comics, Coliseum of Comics and – surprisingly enough – The Hobby Spot all have what you need to get caught up on the latest in the Saga series. If you’ve got a thing for Wonder Girl or Jeffrey Brown, or if Marvel or Indie books turn you on, there are plenty of comic shops in Orlando where you can fill your worthless robot brains, and these are some of our faves. (The Hobby Spot took the place of the thrift store across from Sci-Fi City on Colonial Drive/SR 50. Don’t be discouraged by the dust in the front room, the goods are in the back!)

3. Bikkuri Sushi’s N3rd Nite

N3rd Nite at Bikkuri, get your geek on
N3rd Nite @ Bikkuri Sushi, via

Bikkuri Sushi hosts a monthly N3rd Nite event where cosplayers come dressed in their best Cloud or Super Mario outfit and dance the night away to MCs rapping about whether it’s better to be a white or black mage. (Here’s a link to our coverage of the event.) Editor’s note: Looks like N3rd Nite is currently on hiatus. 

4. Envy Labs

envy labs, get your geek on
via Shannon Scheidell

At Envy Labs, you can learn to code in CSS or program your own SQL server, if that’s your thing. This month there is a Tech on Tap event special, where four esteemed guests share their knowledge of the mobile app industry. (Read our article on Indienomicon.)

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  • Jonathan Witt

    Thanks for sharing, I’ve been to about half of these places, and they are great! Just a quick note: A Comic Shop has some great events at their adjoining bar, The Geek Easy. Every Tuesday at 7 there’s Geek Trivia, which always draws a capacity crowd, and is an absolute blast!

  • JigglyBits

    I had no idea Hard Knocks was still open. I may have to revisit for a nice LAZORX BATTLE!

    Pwew Pwew! LAZORZ!

    Is it just me, or does Sci Fi City smell like feet to everyone else?

  • Max Bryant

    No coolstuff or gameacademy….. big fail whale here