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Florida is the scariest state in the country

July 16, 2014

We’re No. 1 in sharks and tornadoes!

Real Estate search firm Estately compiled data on common fears held by Americans in order to determine which state is the scariest. Taking into consideration statistics on occurrences like bears, shark attacks, hurricanes, spiders, murders and creepy clowns available for hire, Florida jumped up to No. 1 on the list. In fact, Florida’s so awesomely terrifying, it came in first place in three of the categories: shark attacks, hurricanes and tornadoes.

Here is a list of the complete statistics Estately used to come up with the list:

  • Bears:  Estimated black bear population per 10,000 square miles (source: Black Bear Society).
  • Clowns:  The number of clowns per capita available for hire (source: National Clown Directory).
  • Prison:  Incarceration rate per capita (source: U.S. Department of Justice).
  • Flying:  Total airline passenger boardings among the 62 largest U.S. airports in 2013 (source: F.A.A.)
  • Hurricanes:  The number of direct hurricane hits for individual states from 1851-2004 (source:  N.O.A.A.).
  • Shark Attacks:  Total number of unprovoked shark attacks from 1837-2013 (source: Florida University International Shark Attack File).
  • Spiders:  Total number of venomous spider species (source: Venombyte).
  • Snakes:  Total number of venomous snake species (source: Venombyte).
  • Dentists:  Active dentists per capita (source: Center for Disease Control).
  • Tornadoes: Average number of tornadoes per 10,000 square miles (source: N.O.A.A.).
  • Heights: Combined rankings for total number of skyscrapers over 700 feet and number of topographically prominent American mountain summits on list of top 50 (sources:  Wikipedia and Wikipedia).
  • Meth Labs:  Total meth lab busts and seizures in 2012 (source: Huffington Post).
  • Lightning:  Total number of injuries and deaths caused by lightning between 1959 and 1994 (source:  N.O.A.A.).
  • Volcanoes:  The highest number of active and inactive volcanoes per 10,000 square miles (Wikipedia).
  • Murderers:  Murder rate (source: F.B.I.).

It seems like most of the country’s scariest states reside in the south. Florida’s followed by Georgia, Texas, Louisiana and Alabama in the top five. And if you’re looking to move to a non-scary state? Carry your ass on up to one of the Dakotas … unless you’re scared of clowns, then you should definitely steer clear of North Dakota, which has the most clowns per capita in the country.

Check out the complete ranking below:

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  • jolani mccanless

    last time i checked we have no volcanos here in fl.

  • PoppyLee

    We have sinkholes. They didn’t even mention sinkholes. And gators. And those HUGE pythons in the Everglades. Swamp Ape. Barracudas.

  • Guest

    So who is #1 for lightning?

  • Benz

    Tornadoes? Volcanoes? What are these people talking about??

  • Pat Phillips

    Rick Scott

  • Tedward

    That’s a curious disparity in clowns per capita between North and South Dakota.

  • rustedramblings

    Thankfully, the complete and utter lack of dentists down south is improving their “scariness” factor. And only at the cost of some mangled toothless grills on the jug band and banjo players.

  • Stephanie

    I was so sure that Central FL was the Lightning capital of the world? Yet they rank Mass #1…..????

  • Stephanie


  • Goose

    It only counts injuries/deaths from lightning, not total strikes. My guess is that we have so much lightning here we actually know to take it seriously, so I’m not surprised we’re not #1.

  • Caelin

    And now that Stephen King lives in Florida (just outside Sarasota) this list is complete.

  • trashywilma

    They left out the tweakers who approach you for money when you pump gas.

  • chris

    Great reasons NOT to move here! GO BACK HOME!!!