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Florida man uses noose and KKK flag to recruit new members

March 5, 2014

Outside of a West Boca Raton trailer fly both Ku Klux Klan and Confederate flags. The owner of the trailer, who would only identify himself as Mr. Hayes, calls the flags his patriotic duty, showing pride in his heritage which he equates to a Puerto Rican flag that another neighbor displays. “Hey, nobody stops the Puerto Ricans from flying their Puerto Rican flag or the Jews from having their yarmulke or whatever it is in the holidays. I mean, everybody is entitled to do what they want to do. That’s what this country is all about — freedom of speech.,” says Mr. Hayes. Freedom of speech is an issue that Hayes can really sink his teeth (tooth?) into.

According to Hayes, the flags, along with a sign recruiting members and a noose (that he considers simply a lawn decoration, nothing more) have received a positive response,  “Don’t get anybody throwing bottles on my lawn or anything like that.” he says, “They toot their horn. They stop. They wave. They take pictures.” As for his reasoning for his membership recruitment, he had this to say,”As many people know, the white families are producing less children because the father and mother work and you have interracial marriages and gay marriages, so there are less and less white children being born every day. So we’re against that.”

But Hayes says he and his fellow members don’t participate in any of the hate crimes associated with the KKK, “We don’t beat up on faggots or black people or burn crosses or any of that nonsense.” However, Hayes and other neighbors with similar hate symbols are trying to recruit young kids into their Klan. According to a neighbor, 13- and 14-year olds are handing out fliers.

Kids are clearly attracted to nooses.

What’s particularly hysterical is that Hayes also claims these flags represent his heritage. Four years ago, Hayes moved to Florida from New York, so that heritage is clearly just his pigment and his love for young kids, racism and homophobia. Nature or nurture, see?


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  • Muko

    Cue barrage of comments in praise of this guy from the “SECDEE” crowd.