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Five for Friday: Be more productive, Padawan

January 24, 2014

You don’t want to do any more work today, do you? Here’s some links that’ll help kill the rest of your day:

1. Frogs and bats are sneaky, sneaky animals. Did you know that they eavesdrop on other frogs? That’s not very nice!


2.  Here are 7 lessons from Star Wars that can help you become a more productive person, Padawan.


3. Many were surprised when Blackfish didn’t get an Oscar nomination. I wonder if the Academy’s voting would have been swayed had they seen this killer slideshow of whales in the wild first.


4. In case you missed it, Justin Bieber got arrested in Miami yesterday. Who cares, really? Well, it appears that the Internet does and when the Internet cares, it makes sure to do it in the funniest way possible.


5. For the warm fuzzies, check out Kid President’sLetter to a Person on Your First Day Here.‘ He gives you advice on not only how to be a person, but how to be an awesome one.

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