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Off-duty Orlando police officer arrested for DUI, relieved of duties

January 22, 2014

Today the Orlando Police Department released a statement indicating that on Sunday, off-duty officer Sean Gilhuly was arrested under suspicion of DUI, criminal mischief and two traffic citations. According to the case detail on the Seminole County Clerk of Courts Website, Gilhuly had an open container of alcohol in his vehicle. Prior to this incident, Gilhuly received an 8-hour suspension for accidentally discharging his firearm in 2011 and a reprimand for a minor traffic accident in 2012. Other than that, his discipline history is clear.

Pending an internal investigation, he has been removed from duties, with pay, in accordance with the Fraternal Order of Police labor contract.

Gilhuly is not the only Orlando Police Officer to have a run in with the law in recent history:

In March of 2013, Bryant Almeida was arrested, facing grand theft and fraud charges, after falsifying time sheets for an extra-duty job at an apartment complex. He plead no contest to the charges and was required to serve two months probation. After six years on the force, he resigned.

In December 2012, Roderick Johnson, a 20-year veteran of the OPD, was arrested for raping a woman who he had in custody. Following his arrest, he retired from the force. Ultimately, Johnson was found not guilty of sexual assault.

In November 2012, Danny Sidders was arrested for domestic violence for the second time that year. Despite the case being dropped due to lack of evidence, Sidders was permanently relieved from his police duties.

In November 2011, 11-year veteran, Jaime Bridges was arrested for buying oxycodone while on duty. There are no updates on her criminal case, but she has since left the Orlando Police Department and according to this OPD newsletter is celebrating her full recovery from addiction.

Based on these not-so-scientific odds, Gihuly has about a 75 percent chance of beating his charges and about a 0 percent chance of keeping his job.

And for a blast from the (recent) past, remember our very own exposé on the shady dealings of the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation?

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