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Drunk person falls through ceiling at Roxy Nightclub

April 4, 2014

From the Drunk People Doing Stupid Things department: Today the Orlando Police Department released a report of an incident that happened at 1:39 a.m. at Roxy Nightclub on Bennett Road. Apparently, an off-duty police officer working at the club was approached by some patrons who told him that an injured person was lying in a stairwell – he had either fallen through the ceiling, or a piece of the ceiling had fallen on him. The officer went to check it out, and he says he found 19-year-old Justin Daniel Ponce on the ground with a broken leg and bleeding from his head. He smelled of alcohol.

Reportedly, he asked police what happened, and when they investigated the area, they found evidence that the ceiling had probably not spontaneously collapsed onto Ponce – it was obvious, they said, somebody had been crawling around in the ceiling and fell through. It seems Ponce was unable to make a statement, and no witnesses could readily be found. The report says there was $4,000 worth of damage to the club’s ceiling and the club estimates that it lost $5,000 in revenue for the night because police cleared the club for the night. Roxy’s manager, Mitchell Faber, told police the club would press charges – if police can get a clear picture of what, exactly, happened. The case was forwarded to OPD’s criminal investigations department.

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  • Michael Davis

    So there was a drunk 19 year old in their club… and this doesnt seem to concern them? Hello, license jeopardy?

  • Muko

    Turn down for what??!?!??!?!??

  • Mr.Chris

    If the roof failed then I think he can sue the club for this one… and the club is saying they were going to make 5k in 21 minutes more like 6 min with last call….. and they guys was underage…

  • Old roxy worker

    haha its roxy, under age drinking is the only thing you do there :)

  • Mr. Common Sense

    $5000 most likely includes the $4000 in damages…