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VIDEO: Aerial views of downtown Orlando captured by drones

February 20, 2014

Look up. What do you see? If you see the ceiling, you’re obviously inside, but if you’re outside and see some weird thing flying in the sky, it just may be a drone. Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that are typically controlled via computers or remote controls. Sometimes, they even have cameras mounted on them. Here are a couple drone videos of Orlando that have been captured while flying around the City Beautiful:

Downtown Orlando

Eagle Nest Park

Bonus: Here’s a video from a GoPro mounted to the roof of a car as it navigates International Drive at night:

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  • Muko

    They look “cool” now, but a year or two from now, Buddy Dyer will be bombing the homeless with these drones.

  • Pixie

    They are trying to make drones look cool?! SCAREY! I don’t want them here! Or anywhere for that matter!