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Police Beat: Dog bites swan at Lake Eola

March 6, 2013


This horrible incident happened at Lake Eola this week. Those poor swans get no respect. From the OPD’s event sheet about the incident:

On 03-05-2013 at approximately 1130 hours I Officer Castro 13707 responded to 101 N. Rosalind Ave. at the city
park office in reference to a swan that had been attacked by a dog.

Upon my arrival, I met with park ranger Jeffery Peretich. Jeffery completed a sworn written statement.
Jeffery stated that on 03-03-2013 at approximately 1600 hours that an unknown white male released his dog
(Dachshund) from its leash an allowed the dog to attack a white
swan causing injuries to the swan.

The swan was taken to the Winter Park Veterinarian Hospital located at 1601 Lee Rd in Winter Park Florida. Dr.
Newman examined the swan and determined that the swan had nerve damage to his leg and little chance of
recovery. The swan was euthanized. The loss of the swan was estimated at $500.00 dollars.

Jeffery stated that the incident was reported to Park Ranger John Shelley by witness Nothoma Carney who saw
the incident take place. Carney took pictures of the incident as it occurred.

Shelley completed an incident report through the park ranger’s office. Shelley was emailed pictures of the incident
from Carney.

Jeffery learned of the incident when he read his work log on 03-04-2013. Jeffery was advised by his supervisor
(NOI) to call and make a police report on 03-05-3013 at approximately 1100 hours.

The Park Ranger report, pictures of the incident that were taken by the witness, and a copy of the email were all
placed into Orlando Police property and evidence under #AE8149A.

The white male was not given permission to release his dog to attack the swan and Jeffery does wish to prosecute
on behalf of the City of Orlando.

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  • RW

    Im embarrassed to say that I know the man who owns this dog. He is a sick, insane individual and I hope that he is charged to the full extent of the law. Sadly, this is the not the first time that he has been cruel to animals and even worse in front of his young children.

  • Larry

    That was my dog, it was a terrible accident. My children hooked the leash to the wrong part of her coller. I reached down to re-attach and secure it. When she took off I ran after her (my dog)and got in the fray, the Swan was hurt and walked off to the water I should have stayed, and Im sorry but a lady there was yelling and cussing at me in front of my two little boys with the F word. I walked off to diffuse the situation Im sorry to all involved. this was an accident. I feel VERY bad about it. I did not know about the swan, and am very sorry. RW is my X wife by the way. and a Crazy woman !! that hates me.

  • Mag

    Disgusting. I’m sure he thought it was really funny, but those birds have it hard enough as it is. Prosecute this jerk so others think twice about letting their dogs off-leash. I’m sick of dog owners calling the shots. People and other animals have the right not to be bothered by dogs and careless dog owners.

  • Peta

    Well the way I saw it or should I say heard it was that the dog was given a command to attack. Larry how about you take responsibilities for your own actions and quit trying to place the blame on others. Why would you leave an adult job in the hands of a child? You are supposed to be the responsible adult. Are you a responsible adult? If you are, quit blaming children and people that weren’t even there!

  • DS

    Lawrence Labonte wow what a freekin idiot. Can someone please throw this guy in a cage with some attack dogs. Its ok what goes around comes around.