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Disney to raise its minimum wage to $10 an hour

April 21, 2014

Bloomberg News, the Chicago Tribune and other news outlets are reporting today that the Walt Disney Co. has agreed to increase the minimum wage it pays its employees to $10 per hour. That brings Disney’s minimum pay up to just .10 per hour short of the federal minimum wage of $10.10 that President Barack Obama would like to see enacted and that the unions that represent Disney employees requested. The minimum wage paid to employees of Walt Disney World currently is $8.03 per hour. The pay raises for Disney employees will go into effect over the next two years.

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  • hdrake

    It should be voluntary not mandatory.

  • Name

    This is so misleading. They haven’t agreed to anything. The $10 is a barganing chip Disney is using to try to get the unions to agree to dropping the company paid pension plan for new hires. It also wants any new contract to last 5 & 1/2 years.. by that time $10 will easily be back to $8 in buying power what with the cost of living in Orlando. It’s all smoke and mirrors… disney’s specialty.