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Child pornography found on work printer at Sentinel

July 1, 2014

We are loath to joke about a topic this serious, so all you’re getting is the press release, straight from the OPD, with no commentary. Just this question: Printing child porn at work? SERIOUSLY?

On 6/29/2014, an Orlando Sentinel employee found a printed child pornography image on the common printer. She notified her supervisor who notified the security manager. At that time, it was unknown who printed the child pornography. The investigation led to the discovery of several child pornographic images on a work computer used by the suspect, identified as Isadore Baquero, 12/29/49. The Orlando Sentinel staff has been very cooperative in assisting law enforcement in this investigation.

The suspect admitted to searching the internet for child pornography, downloading the images and printing it. The investigation is continuing to determine if the suspect downloaded any other illegal images on any other computer to include his home.

At this time in the investigation it has not been determined if Baquero had any direct contact with the children depicted or if he was file sharing the images electronically.

Isidore Baquero was charged with 10 counts of Possession of material depicting sexual performance by child. Baquero has been transported to the Orange County Jail. … There is no additional information available at this time. If anything becomes available an update will be provided at that time.

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