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Car hit by SunRail train in Maitland

May 19, 2014

A woman was injured in Maitland today after a car she was traveling in was hit by a SunRail train. The injured party was taken to a hospital and her condition is not known at this time. The train did not derail and was back in service in less than an hour.

Local6 reports that witnesses watched the car attempt to drive around the safety arm at the intersection on Maitland Avenue at Packwood Avenue, however details of the crash have not been released by authorities. If the witness reports are accurate, the accident doesn’t appear to be a SunRail issue, but an impatient driver issue. The first SunRail crash happened under similar circumstances, with a vehicle illegally stopped on the tracks.

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  • C Davey

    Hmm, not sure this is accurate. Per other news, she was out of the car when the train hit it and she “collapsed.”

  • Itchy

    I hope you’re right, C Davey. I don’t like to think about the idiocy of the alternative.