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Canada is to Russia as Rainbow is to Gulag

February 6, 2014

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Art from


Oh Canada.

Let’s be honest y’all, we never really thought “luging” was super butch anyway right? It sounds like what my hair dresser does when they fluff my do. Yet, as funny as this video is, the things being done in Russia to marginalize members of the LGBT community are no joke.

A lot of people get mad when you mix “politics with sports” but come on, the actual act of living is political. The choices you make to buy a product and read a newspaper are political. The clothes you wear, the music you listen to, the food you eat… it’s all political. So when you hold a massive event where foreign countries compete against each other, it’s going to be… you got it, POLITICAL. Especially when it’s hosted by a regime as shady and corrupt as Putin’s Russia. The Olympics in Sochi should not be written off as a mere sporting event, like your nephew’s kick ball match. This is an opportunity to look at humanity as a whole, and the high ideals to which we can aspire.

Click the video below to get a horrifying glimpse into “life” in Russia, but only if you want to ruin the rest of your day.


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