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California legislator proposes bill that would end orca shows at SeaWorld San Diego and other marine parks

March 7, 2014

California state assemblyman Richard Bloom of Santa Monica has proposed a bill in his state house that would end the practice of using orcas for entertainment purposes at marine parks in California. Bloom says he came up with the idea for the bill after watching the controversial movie Blackfish. Bloom’s bill does not suggest that SeaWorld take radical measures, such as releasing the orcas it currently has into the wild. Rather, it would require the park to end its captive-breeding program and keep the whales it currently has on display only – the park would not be permitted to ask the whales to perform in shows for the public. The bill would be introduced as state legislation, and it would only impact parks in California.

The Richard Bloom Campaign’s Facebook page is filling up with comments from the public, mostly in favor of the bill.

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