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Buddy Dyer rides the rails for SunRail’s Grand Opening Celebration

April 29, 2014

Tomorrow morning, Mayor Buddy Dyer will board a train at the Debary Sunrail station at 8:15 a.m. and then ride it for all 12 stops as part of the official “Whistle Stop Grand Opening Tour.” The mayor’s tour will end at the Sand Lake Road Station with a grand opening celebration for Sunrail. The event, and each of the mayor’s stops on the journey, are open to the public. At each of the stations, there will be a celebration to coincide with the arrival of the mayor.

On Wednesday, there will be no opportunities to board the train, but starting May 1, you’ll have two weeks to ride the rails yourself, for free. Click here for the full train schedule. Right now, it’s just days. No nights or weekends, but we have our fingers crossed! After the free period ends on March May 16, a one-way ride on the train’ll cost you $2, unless you cross county lines. Then you’ll add $1 to your fare for each county line you cross.

Don’t forget to eat up before boarding the train, though, as food is prohibited on SunRail.

The Details:
SunRail Grand Opening Tour (Orlando stops)
Florida Hospital Station (500 East Rollins Street), 10:30 am
LYNX Central Station (101 West Livingston Street), 10:40 am
Church Street Station (99 West South Street), 10:50 am
Grand Opening Celebration @ Orlando Health/Amtrak Station (250 Columbia Street), 11:00 am

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  • smallwins

    How do free rides end on March 16? Typo?