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19 questions with an Orlando resident: Alex Clements

May 14, 2014

Welcome to 19 Questions, a feature where we ask longtime Orlando residents 19 questions that are mostly related to living in the City Beautiful.

Jamlando native Alex Clements is an employee at venerable music hut Park Ave CDs. During Orlando’s Film Fest he also acts as house manager at the Enzian Theater. Would you believe Alex sings and plays guitar in a band, too? Well, believe it, because he does.

1. Who’s your favorite Orlando resident, living, dead, real or fictional?
I would have to say Tom DiPaolo, my coworker at Park Ave. He’s worked for us for a super long time, and he’s also worked at Peaches and Sonic Boom. He’s the nicest and most hard-working person I’ve met in my entire life, and he’s hilarious too. Just a selfless and kind guy.

2. What’s the best meal you’ve ever eaten in Orlando?
That’s a meal I get often, at Pom Pom’s … the thanksgiving sandwich. It’s absolutely incredible. It’s got the turkey and the gravy and the mashed potatoes, which are my favorite food. It’s literally the only sandwich I ever get there.

3. If you could nuke one Orlando theme park off the map, which would it be and why?Most people would probably say Disney or Universal, but I’ll weirdly go with Gatorland. I have these weird memories of being there as a kid. It’s just a tourist trap, y’know, rednecky.

4. What’s the last concert you went to in Orlando?
Oh, that was at the Social. Cloud Nothings, who are incredible, and my band Out Go The Lights got to open the show. It was the first time we got to open for a band we really love. It was a real milestone.

5. Favorite beach?
It’s not an Orlando beach … can I say something in Clearwater? There’s a really beautiful spot over there called Honeymoon Island. It’s kinda out there, but it’s great. There are a lot of shells.

6. What’s your favorite Orlando attraction that no longer exists?
I bet a lot of people would probably say Rock-a-Fire and all that shit, some rad ’90s shit, but I’m gonna go with Race Rock. I was like eight and my family would take me there. The dining room was completely surround by racing and driving games, and there was a monster truck outside. I would stand in that truck’s giant wheel. It was fun.

7. What do you hate most about living in Orlando?
Probably the bad rap that it gets. A lot of people will take that bad rap and believe it. People hear it’s lame here … but there are really beautiful people doing amazing things in Orlando.

8. What do you hate least about living in Orlando?
I love that because we’re brought down so often, it’s a smaller group working against everything, a smaller group that has to work super hard. You see it in the music scene and the artistic scene. We’re very tight knit and you have to work with people you might not have tons in common with otherwise.

9. CiCi’s Pizza: pro or con?
Pro. It gets a lotta hate, I wouldn’t eat there every day, but I grew up on it. It’s cool. It’s a pizza buffet, what’s not to like?

10. In one word, describe your day job.

11. What’s your favorite coffee spot in Orlando?
I work around three coffee spots and if I don’t say all three I’ll probably get in trouble. Uh, I’ll say B3. I go there almost every day of my life, and they deal with my weird requests. Last time I wanted an espresso shot in a smoothie, and they did it.

12. Do you have an orange juice brand of choice?
I got a lotta love for Tropicana and stuff like that, but if we’re going pure grocery store, not that organic, high-priced … we’re not talking about that Odwalla stuff, so I’d say Simply Orange.

13. SunRail: pro or con?
Pro. The issues so far haven’t been their fault, and it’s a really great thing they’re doing.

14. Have you ever encountered Wayne Brady? If so, what was the circumstance.
No, but I see people on Facebook who have.

15. ‘N Sync or Backstreet?
Seven year-old Alex is going to be really angry, but ‘N Sync. They have a way better track record and JT went on to make incredible music. I have a CD somewhere of me singing their songs at a karaoke when I was a kid. I think that was in Sanford or something.

16. Orlando: underrated, overrated, or perfectly rated?
Oh, underrated, like I said before.

17. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen in Orlando?
God, I’ve seen so many weird things, I can’t narrow it down.

18. Tourists: pro or con?
Pro, because we need them, they’re a big income for city. You need that to balance things out. They’re the evil side and they weigh out the good. [laughs]

19. What makes someone an Orlandoan?
Well, there’s a distinction between people who just live here like for college, like people who come to go to Full Sail or UCF, and people who are actually proud of the things that define Orlando. Y’know, not just transplants, people who take it seriously who see it as a city, instead of magical land where Disney is.

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  • Kevin///Cortez

    jit funny bruh

  • Codeine Scalabrine

    cant cosign the gatorland slander

  • zengrrl

    Worked with DiPaolo at Virgin and can second everything said. I also agree Orlando is underrated, esp by people that just see us as theme park land.

  • ApplePieDoOrDie

    Once when I went to Gatorland on a field trip they served us Gator. Thats messed up right? Where are they getting it from?