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14-screen multiplex coming to Mount Dora

February 14, 2014
The latest Hollywood faves, soon in Mount Dora.

The latest Hollywood faves, soon in Mount Dora.

How many times have you found yourself on the antique trail out in cozy Mount Dora, bemoaning the fact you can’t top your day off by taking in a movie at a nearby theater with “earth-shaking” sound complemented by the expected upscale amenities? Well, bemoan no more: EPIC Theaters of DeLand has announced plans to construct such a multiplex in Mount Dora along Highway 441 (between those charming little junk stores Target and Wal-Mart). Construction is expected to begin in January of next year with a proposed opening date of November. That’s right; you may start making plans to see Star Wars: Episode VII in Mount Dora, just like you’ve always dreamed.

The photo included with this story is from the original 1977 Star Wars, of course, and the little fella pictured is so beloved and renowned I don’t even have to type his name. It would be an insult to our reader’s intelligence to do so. We all know who this rascal is just like we all know he’ll be a huge part of Episode VII. I mean, seriously, can you even go to the mall anymore without seeing his face plastered all over T-shirts and beer koozies?

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