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10 accurate Orlando stereotypes from Movoto (plus two from us!)

March 13, 2014

Movoto, an Internet-based company that provides information to prospective home  buyers, has come out with a list of ‘10 Orlando Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate.’ The list is actually pretty damn accurate, covering everything from Orlandoans’ love of pho (which totally doesn’t rhyme with “sho'”, btw) to our really, really crappy traffic and drivers. There are a couple of big stereotypes Movoto overlooked, though.

UCF students will not graduate in four years. 

Blame the proximity to the parks or the thriving college bar scene, but the graduation rate for UCF is so low that it’s earned the nickname “U Can’t Finish.” But, hey, the football team’s been doing pretty great, so maybe it’s school pride that’s keeping people at UCF for 5+ years!

The only time Orlandoans wear winter clothes is when the A/C is too cold.

You guys, it’s hard to type with gloves on. And if you use the fingerless ones? Your fingers still freeze. You might as well just leave all your winter clothes at the office, because once you walk outside, you will almost immediately start sweating. Ahh, the conundrums of an Orlando office drone.

What are some of the other Orlando stereotypes that Movoto overlooked? “My son’s in a boy band”? “Just drive east on this southbound road”? Something else?

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  • KTA

    “Orlandoans aren’t actually from Orlando” was a glaring omission for me.

  • Nate Wheeler

    Hold the phone. I’m an Orlandoan born and raised at Florida Hospital, 1976. And I’m a sixth generation Floridian and my children are seventh generation Floridians. Ok. I admit it: I’m the exception, not the rule. But this is changing.